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5th Generation

M6E-1 is our 5th generation multirotor agricultural UAV/drone

  • Easy to operate and maintain, durable in practice
  • All parts are detachable and changeable to reduce repair cost
  • Foldable class leading design for easy transportation
  • Exclusive dust and waterproof design makes the drone can be directly rinse by water
  • Spray system is original imported from Germany

AB mode

operate mode: AB mode

  • Only one person can operate the drone, very simple but automatic flying.
  • Support break-point memory, it can automatically back to the point where you stopped to spraying which will avoid to miss the field.
  • Optional: RTK accurate positioning system

Australia Local Support

We supply class leading multi-rotor spray drones for pesticides/fertilizer/weed killer/seed spraying. Great solution for weed controlling, especially useful at inaccessible areas and large spot spraying area. Our Australian based local support team aim to solve client requirements on time and rise industry service standard. We value safe applications in operation and we care the health of workers in spraying.

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  1. FPV Camera
    FPV Camera
  2. M4E (5L)
    M4E (5L)
  3. Sowing and spreading device 2.0 (Granular Spreader)
  4. Mist device
    Mist device
  5. M6E-1 - On Special, including batteries and charger
  6. M4H (Hybrid,10L)
  7. M6E Mist Drone
    M6E Mist Drone
  8. M6A Pro (15L)
    M6A Pro (15L)
  9. M8A Pro with RTK (20L)
Grid List

9 Items

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